The Significant Seven

These paintings were completed by the late Daniel Francis Bridy (2020)
He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he started his career at Aubrey Lee Studios, and was co-founder of Rainbow Grinders Studio. He created the Dan Bridy Visuals where he focused on national historical murals, book illustrations and fine art. Dan was an accomplished designer and illustrator whose style was characterized by an adventurous application of form and color from influences of the 1960s and the Pushpin generation. He was recognized nationally by the New York Art Director’s Club, Chicago Art Director’s Club and Pittsburgh Society of Visual Communications.

Signed paintings are $150; Non-Signed paintings are $50 + shipping and handling

Please contact the Ashtabula County Bar Association to purchase any of these paintings
Paintings are 20” x 16”
(440) 415-4503 /